All 50 States

It was a journey of over 16 years to complete. An adult daughter just barely into her twenties and her mama 26 years older challenged one another to complete the quest of being in all 50 states.

September 11th had happened and everyone, including the daughter and mom, was searching for some happy after tragedy had struck our great USA. Daughter was a flight attendant and mom was starting over in her career. When daughter was furloughed, she and mom traveled to many places with daughter’s airline ticket privilege and mom’s severance package. Each one’s travel bug got fully engaged during this time.

On November 11, 2001, both of them tore out a page from the United Airlines magazine as they were coming back from Hawaii. The map was a centerfold map of the United States. Each marked the states they had encountered. The challenge was struck that day. The guidelines included achieving at least one of three caveats: (1) have a meal (2) spend the night (3) make a memory. Flight attendant daughter couldn’t just land in an airport and call it a visit to that state.

June 29, 2017, daughter and mom flew to Fargo ND and ate a hamburger before they rented the car that would carry them 1,200 miles across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia. Add to those 1,200 miles a ferry ride across Lake Michigan, a morning walk in Lake Michigan, a brat and beer at a Brewer’s baseball game, a one hour shopping spree in Mall of America, a lunch with nephew and cousin, dinner with friend (like family) in Zanesville OH, and a DARK ride in the West Virginia mountains dodging deer on every curve. Whew! They did it and were safely back in Texas on July 3, 2017.

What memories were made in these 5 days. TG, the Texoma Gives character, was traveling with the mom and daughter. Like Texoma Gives on Facebook and you’ll learn TG’s side of the travel story (sunbathing on Grand Haven Beach, Lake Michigan). There will be 12 or 13 posts of the trip in the next few days.