Being Outdoors


Growing up in the country with a houseful of siblings and lots of cousins on both sides of the family was fun.  God only knows how we escaped major bodily injuries when I think back on all the antics, e.g. walking across the log that had fallen over the rising creek, tearing up the beaver dams, swimming in the creek after having dropped from the grapevine, jumping from the hay loft onto the barn floor, the list goes on!

What made me think of this today?  I went by a school during lunch time and there weren’t children out playing.  It’s 80 degrees, sun is shining brightly—where were the children?  Was it too early, too late, too muddy (it’s been raining)? 

What I know is that kids and adults need outdoors in large doses.  I believe that when there is rain and mud then it’s a great time for mud pies.  I recently bought granddaughter sidewalk paints—were those for her or me?    Colored toothpicks were always on the shelf at my house—everyone needs to have toothpick races on a rainy day.  When there is sand or water, my toes need to be in the sand and the water beckons every minute I’m around it.

I hope recess is still a great part of school, that outdoor play helps make up each child’s life, and adults never lose their kid part that needs outdoors.

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