Friends of Camp Fire Endowment Fund



Camp Fire USA celebrates 100 years in 2010! Camp Fire was established nationally in 1910, and a short time later, in 1915, North Texas had its first group. For the past 85 years, Camp Fire has been a tradition in North Texas, thanks to its many members and leaders. The program began as Camp Fire Girls initially, and in 1975 became coed. We began to identify ourselves as Camp Fire Boys and Girls so the public would know that all kids can be a part of Camp Fire North Texas.

The Special Services after school program began in 1976 and is now Camp Fire USA North Texas’ largest program. This program has an annual membership of over 1,000 and targets ‘at risk’ youth from 15 elementary schools in the Wichita Falls Independent School District. These children participate in learning activities which bolster self-confidence, encourage self-reliance and prepare them for their lives as adults and members of our community.

In an effort to “always” have Camp Fire services in the Wichita Falls area, a group of Friends initiated the “Friends of Camp Fire Endowment Fund” at Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation. You can donate to this endowment by clicking on “Donations” or by calling 940-766-0829 and we can take your credit/debit card information over the phone.

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