Hearts and HOPE


I saw a sign once that read, “When you become a mother, your heart moves outside your body and you are never the same.”  I am writing this from a mother’s perspective and want to be sensitive to all the fathers out there.  I can’t write this from a father’s perspective but I’d imagine there are a great many similarities.  I know that my heart lives with my three children, the spouses who helped bring my three grandchildren’s hearts to life, and the “growing too fast” grandchildren.

I am friends with several mothers who have lost children way too soon in their children’s young lives.  My heart hurts for these mothers each year when a birthday or other special days come around bringing with those days a flood of feelings, perhaps a bit more healing, and a lot of memories. 

I do not know the mother of #24Strong Robert Grays.  I cannot begin to feel what she is feeling right now upon losing her son at age 19 because of an injury that occurred during a college football game last Saturday 9/16/17.

I only know what this mother feels for Robert’s mother and all the mothers who have lost children.  I feel sad, sympathetic, empathic, loving, and hopeful.  My heart is heavy for Robert’s entire family.  My heart is sad for the University that I love.  My heart is sympathetic and empathetic to Robert’s fellow football team, classmates, professors, administrators who have the charge to carry on and be hopeful for better days to come—never forgetting Robert—but being better for having known this young man and all he represented. 

Each day of any of our lives is truly a gift. Love every day.  Hug your babies, no matter their ages.  Hug your babies’ babies.  When given the gift of life, cherish all the moments and fill each day with hope for tomorrow.

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