Interfaith Ministries



The Interfaith Ministries Endowment Fund at the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation was established in August 2007. The Interfaith Ministries Board of Directors wanted to make sure there was a “permanent savings account” that would benefit those individuals and families who rely on the Interfaith for those supplemental needs relating to daily living, i.e. rent and utilities subsidy, pharmacy services, food, transportation, and other needs too numerous to name.

Interfaith Ministries (IMI) is a private non-profit ministry supported by persons of many faiths from over 50 member congregations along with many others. IMI also receives support from individuals, civic organizations, schools, local businesses, corporations and foundations. Through Interfaith Ministries all supporters are able to “Join Hands to Serve Others.” Interfaith Ministries is a united effort of the religious community to show God’s love. We respond to those in need through advocacy and coordination of community resources.

Interfaith Ministries’ history started on April 10, 1979, when an enormous tornado devastated Wichita Falls and flattened 1/5 of the town. Thousands of people were homeless and hurting. Congregations of all denominations and different faiths banded together to rebuild homes and lives. This was a “first” for our city, as congregations had not previously cooperated for any purpose across denominational and faith lines.

In 1981, the decision was made to open an emergency center for families whose lives had been devastated by medical emergencies, loss of employment, or other financial crises: Interfaith Ministries, Inc. Twenty-five churches pledged to support Interfaith Ministries, Inc. (IMI), as the new organization was named. Their purpose was to eliminate families going from congregation to congregation to ask for food and financial assistance. Having a central location supported by many congregations enabled resources to be pooled, eliminated duplication of effort and assistance, and saved families a lot of time and frustration trying to find help.

Annually the help offered includes: over 2,200 families served at IMI, with over $240,000 in direct financial assistance; over 1,500 individuals receive food from pantry assistance valued at $70,000; and volunteers donate over 9,000 hours (valued at $160,000) to deliver the needed services to Wichita County residents as well as those residents of Holliday, Texas.

To donate to the Interfaith Ministries Endowment Fund at Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation, click here.