It’s Hot

July in Texas is HOT.  As I was coming back from lunch today in my “hot” car, I was sort of complaining to myself about the heat.

Those complaining thoughts can grab you quickly.  I didn’t allow this “hot” complaint to linger.  I remember living in our farm house in Oklahoma with a swamp cooler. I remember when we got the first “refrigerated air” window unit.  I remember when I got my first house with central air conditioning.  Now I have a house that has two air conditioning units.  I am grateful.

There are those who might still have a swamp cooler, hang damp sheets on the open window and let the fan blow through, sleep on the patio or porch where there’s a little air flow.  I remind myself often to be grateful and remember when.

Many nonprofits organizations and for profit businesses help those in need of an electric bill payment, a new fan, or maybe a ride to go deposit check in a bank so an electric bill can be paid.  Remember those nonprofit organizations during these hot summer days.  Donate to them if you can.  Donate fans to re-sale shops or anyone having a fan drive. 

Also please remember Texoma Gives Day on 9/7/17 and donate generously to nonprofits registered to participate on this 16 hour day of giving.  6am to 9pm

Stay cool.!  


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