Pam & Warren Ayres

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Why do you think the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation is important to this area?

The WFACF provides an organization for anyone who wishes to set up long or short term charitable giving. Donors benefit from the expertise of a professional staff to administer and provide guidance for the contribution. The Foundation provides for the investment of the gifts with a local board that provides oversight and guidance to the staff to make sure each donor’s wishes are carried out. The WFACF gives our area the vehicle that can provide for the long term philanthropic needs of any citizen or organization.

Why did you set up a fund at the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation?

Pam and I have been blessed with success in our business and found ourselves with an opportunity to begin an Advice and Consult Fund that we could establish with a current contribution that could be added to over time. We had discussed our desire to provide funds for the future of organizations we currently support that are providing services in our community and the WFACF provided the vehicle that we needed to make our current contribution that will provide for gifts to our favorite charities for their future needs. By establishing an Advice and Consult Fund we are able to provide input now for the charitable giving that we wish to support now and into the future.

Why would you encourage other people to donate to and/or set up a fund at the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation?

We have found that the WFACF provides us the needed flexibility for both current and long term giving objectives. Our community will have the opportunity to benefit currently as well as into the future because of contributions we and other contributors make today. By setting up a fund, and there are numerous types of funds that can be used, anyone can provide for the needs of their favorite charity for the future. This giving will provide for the long term benefit of the citizens of the Wichita Falls area.