Pride in the Falls Fund



Pride in the Falls was born through the City’s master plan, called Vision 20/20. The plan acknowledged that Wichita Falls has many strengths; the presence of Sheppard Air Force Base, higher education options, a business-friendly environment and a diversified population. However, it also advised that several entities need to have a stronger, unified marketing strategy cheap jerseys to attract new visitors, businesses and entrepreneurs. The Chamber of cheap nba jerseys Commerce, Convention Differences and Visitors Bureau, Downtown Development and the City of Wichita Falls united Soccer under this one initiative to maximize our collective marketing impact. The mission: to develop a new mòbils community-wide brand, instill a sense of pride in our city, create exciting promotions and undertake a public relations campaign aimed at attracting people and cheap mlb jerseys events.

Municipal marketing is an emerging strategy nationwide, cheap mlb jerseys and we are determined to have our city represented to the world in a polished, professional and personable manner. Our contributors, called “Priders” stepped forward to support the future of our city. The $250,000 raised in our first year was matched by 4A Board funds, and we were able to generate well over one million dollars in positive media coverage. We are now asking for our 2011 “Priders” to invest in our already successful vision.

As we enter year two of this three year initiative, we plan to launch a new Emergency web site,, improve our city signage and promote Wichita Falls to conventions, businesses and tourists. Our new site will maintain a new calendar of all to see in do in the community. Wichita Falls will be a more active and visible player on the state and region stage.

You can find out more about the campaign at, which details our progress, lists those who believe in our city and invites citizens to become a participant in the success of Wichita Falls.

If you would like to donate to the Pride in the Falls Fund at Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation, donate now.