Remembering Robert T. Priddy


Remembering Robert T. Priddy

September 3, 1918 — January 6, 2015

Here’s the story that lives on about “How Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation Started”

In the early 1990’s, Robert Priddy called his friend and colleague, Joe Sherrill, and said, “Joe, I need you and Nancy to have a dinner party on this date, and here’s who you need to invite.” The dinner party happened and during dessert Robert said, “Well, glad you all could be here. This community has needed a community foundation for years. And, now we’re going to have one….Gary, you are the chairman of the board; Joe, you’ll draw up all the documents; Pat, John, David, go find out what needs to be done to get this going; Ray, find us someone to run it; I’ll be the treasurer; all of us will be on the board!” The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation became a reality on March 14, 1999…many were involved to make Robert’s vision a reality.


Robert Priddy*
Phil Bolin*
Ray Clymer*
Louis Rodriguez*
Joe Sherrill*
Gary Shores
Pat Morgan Thacker
John Hirschi
David Wolverton
Kay Yeager

Robert’s vision, love of community, and passion for helping others was contagious. Robert’s way propelled those around him to stretch and grow. This stretching and growing resulted in multitudes sharing their time, talents, and treasures, not only in Wichita Falls but around Texas and the nation.

To say that Robert left a legacy is mere words. Robert didn’t want to be in the spotlight and have his name associated with his charitable works. One can only imagine the countless lives touched by Robert’s toil and ultimate treasure. Words that portray and embrace are that Robert T. Priddy was loved!

Today we pay tribute to Robert T. Priddy for sharing his full and large life with so many. To his family, we say “Thank You for sharing Robert with us.” He taught us! He challenged us! He was loved by us! He will be missed!