Sara Jane Snell



Why do you think the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation is important to this area?

The wise and farsighted civic leaders who envisioned the establishment of a community foundation for the Wichita Falls area understood the importance of preserving the area’s future. Due to their vision, our community has a vehicle through which individuals, families, agencies and organizations have numerous choices of giving tools to help people achieve charitable goals. Earnings from the wide variety of available funds are used to make grants addressing the area’s needs and become a permanent source of community capital, helping to do good work forever. The Foundation provides us with this simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving.

Why did you set up a fund at the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation?

Prior to the formal establishment of the Foundation, I attended the initial informational session offered to educate potential donors regarding the valuable opportunities a community foundation provides for individuals wishing to create lasting legacies for the benefit of the Wichita Falls area. I found the vision to be exciting, worthy, and quite possible; however, I did not consider myself to be a candidate for the admirable venture. After the Foundation was established I learned more about the many avenues offered to provide each donor with unique giving opportunities, tailored to suit his or her situation and goals. One such opportunity is a Donor Advised Fund. What are the advantages of this fund? One can determine a total amount to be given annually to charitable organizations and causes. That amount (or a greater amount) is given as one contribution to the community foundation to establish your personal Donor Advised Fund. Throughout the year, you direct the Foundation to distribute grants from the fund to the nonprofits of your choice at times you choose (at any time, donors can add to their fund). The staff takes care of the rest. What does this mean for you? Instead of writing countless checks, filling out numerous donor information forms, and keeping track of all necessary documents for tax purposes, you now will write one check, receive one acknowledgement of the contribution for taxes, and enjoy the process of giving, without hassle, throughout the year. The Donor Advised Fund allows me to make a gift to the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation and remain actively involved in the distribution of funds to my favorite charitable organizations.

Why would you encourage other people to donate to and/or set up a fund at the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation?

The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation is an instrument for philanthropy. It exists to help people who care about the Wichita Falls area to invest “at any level” in its future. It is designed to save local philanthropists both time and money with opportunities for modest and affluent donors alike. Each fund is established with a simple agreement between the donor and the Foundation; the Foundation handles all the paperwork and red tape, leaving the donor free to enjoy the satisfaction and joy of giving.