Texoma Gives—day of online giving—is here in SEVEN days!  Texoma Gives is September 7, 2017.  More sevens!  Maybe this is a good sign that seven times more donations will be made than were made in 2016.  Our 2017 goal for donations made online is 6,000…why not make that 7,000?

When your fingers click on at 6am on 9/7/17, here’s hoping that you’ll find nonprofit organizations to which you will donate.  Donating to one is good.  Imagine donating to SEVEN nonprofits.  At a minimum of $25 donation, that would be $175.  There’s something to these sevens.

As you donate on 9/7/17, can you picture the smiles and happy high five’s that nonprofit employees are expressing because generous people are donating and honoring them for the nonprofit’s work.  Donate at to a nonprofit that helps in these ways: Kids will get food for the weekend, pets will be adopted, seniors and shut-in’s will get home delivered meals, children will get a court-appointed advocate, Lawton and Graham’s United Way partner agencies will get needed program dollars, hospital or college foundations will get needed dollars for recruiting and scholarships, the list is endless.

Today as we watch the countless thousands affected by Hurricane Harvey, one truly can see the impact nonprofits have in communities during times of tragedy and disaster. STRONG NONPROFITS make communities stronger and make a difference every single day.  Let’s make our Texoma Gives nonprofits stronger on 9/7/17.

Blessing to you seven times over when you donate to a participating nonprofit on 9/7/17 from 6am to 10pm.

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