The Sound of Silence

Who among those reading this remember Simon and Garfunkel? Do you remember their song, The Sounds of Silence? 

I have recently returned from New York City where the Grammy Morgan tour of four stayed right on Times Square. As another song says, “….in the town that never sleeps.”   What a whirlwind five day trip we had. It was near perfect.

The obligatory frozen hot chocolate was consumed after our awesome viewing of the Broadway show, “Waitress.” While in Serendipity’s, there was a group in our small room who were so very loud one had to literally shout if they wanted to be heard. Our genteel group of southern women didn’t yell. We just stared and consumed our treat. I guess that goes loudness goes with a noisy, never-sleeping New York City.

What I know is that we had a fun-filled trip overflowing with love for each other and an appreciation of all that we saw and did…memories not soon forgotten. What will be forgotten are the LOUD voices while we consumed our frozen hot chocolate and the city noises. It was wonderful to be in NYC and even more wonderful to be back home in Texas and our Wichita Falls.

When September 7 rolls around this year in the Texoma area, I am hoping for noise and traffic (foot and on-line) as donors clamor to their cars to drive donations to our offices and or stroll to computers or other hand held devices to make donations to their participating charities. What we are hoping for this year on Texoma Gives Day 9/7/17 is to have donations from all 50 states (38 states in 2016)…even donations from New York City. Texoma Gives on September 15, 2016, from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.



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