Total Eclipse

There were no eclipse glasses to be had on my quest to purchase them late in the eclipse mania.  Never fear…on the day of the eclipse, I look out my office window across the parking lot at a group sharing some glasses to get a glimpse of the moon covering the sun. 

Not bashful, I walked across the parking lot and asked if I could use their glasses for a bit and see the wonder in the sky.  I thanked them and walked back to my office.  I shared with office mate that glasses were available across the lot and she too had the joy of seeing the black/orange happening with the generously shared glasses.

On the NASA feed, the sun looked to have a red ring around it.  Wouldn’t it be surreal if that red ring was anger at the moon for blocking the sun’s glory.  Yes—there is something scientific I’m sure, yet that got me to thinking on a Monday about what I was writing on Thursday. 

When our brightness is blocked out, do we get a red ring around us filled with emotions? If the red ring does happen, I hope it’s like the eclipse—the bright was darkened for only two minutes out of a 24 hour day and the beauty and glory returned without a red ring.  Look up, smile, and be filled with gratitude for each day enjoyed on this great earth!

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