When It’s Hot Outside

August has given us some reprieve on hot days and thank goodness there has been some rain.  Last weekend, grandchildren and I went to the community pool.  Both days we got to swim and feel refreshed from the coolness of the water.  Both days we heard the thunder rolling that necessitated exiting the pool.  Pool rules is exit at first sound of thunder, wait 30 minutes and if nothing has developed, one can re-enter the pool.

Both days when we excited the pool, this Grammy said “no waiting for 30 minutes,time for snacks and food at home.”  Such sad faces on two of the grandchildren—they wanted more of the pool frolic and laughter. 

When temperatures hover near 100 degrees for countless days, that heat can sure cause tempers to rise as well as thermometers.  Each one of us has a choice about how we react to the pool closing, hot days, hot tempers, snarled traffic, rude behavior, you name it.  Just as I hope my grandchildren focus on the fun had at the pool instead of the disappointment of their time being cut short, I hope a large majority of those reading this will choose to focus on all the good that is in our communities—whether it’s hot or not!

One great thing to look forward to is Texoma Gives!  This is the second annual Texoma Gives Day with the focus on donating online September 7, 2017 from 6am to 10pm to the nonprofit(s) of your choosing.  You can find joy in promoting the nonprofit(s) of your choosing through social media to your friends encouraging them to consider donating on September 7, 2017 from 6am to 10pm by going to www.texomagives.org.

No worries if you or your friends are out of town on that day and not by a computer.  You can donate using your handheld devices as www.texomagives.org is a responsive website.  Trouble donating—call 940-766-0829 and we can take the donations over the phone.  It’s hot outside but really cool things are happening.  I hope you are a part of the “coolness” of Texoma Gives.

Our offices are cool.  Drop in and we’ll give you some cool water!   We’re in Parker Square, 2405 Kell Suite 100, Wichita Falls, TX  www.wfacf.org   940-766-0829   wfacf@wfacf.org     #wfacf        #texomagives