Letter of Intent – WFACF Grant Cycle

Prior to submitting a full application, applicants are required to submit a letter of intent which briefly describes the project and the amount of funds requested. The letter should be sent to WFACF 30 days prior to Grant Proposal deadline, see deadlines noted below. No electronic or faxed submissions accepted. Applicants will be notified that they are encouraged to submit a full application or that their project is unlikely to be funded.

Note: Submit only one Letter Of Intent per organization. If you have multiple needs, list by priority order in Letter of Intent.

Please see our FAQ Section if you have any questions or applicants requiring additional information may call our office at 940-766-0829.

WFACF Grant Cycle Deadlines 

Letter of Intent Deadline: November 15th, or previous weekday if on the weekend.

Application Deadline: December 15th, or previous weekday if on the weekend.

Grant Awards Distributed: March