WFACF Grant Cycle Application

by | Apr 24, 2018

How to Apply

A one page Letter of Intent describing the project, population served, and amount requested must be submitted on your organization\’s letterhead by end of day November 15th or previous weekday if on the weekend. Submit only one Letter Of Intent per organization. If you have multiple needs, list by priority order in Letter of Intent. After receipt of the Letter of Intent, applicants will either be invited to submit a grant application or advised that their request will not be considered at this time.

If you have submitted a Letter of Intent and have been invited to complete a grant application, please read the following instructions carefully.


    1. Complete Sections 1-7 of grant application, (see link below).
    2. All documents must be three-hole punched.
    3. Print and submit 1 original plus 9 copies of Sections 1-7 of the application.
    4. Section 8 asks for supporting documents. Be sure to include one copy of these items in your grant packet.

This application will not be submitted on line. It is the applicant\’s responsibility to print and submit 10 copies of the application (original plus 9 copies), that are three-hole punched, along with one copy of the supporting documents outlined in Section 8 to the WFACF office.

See our FAQ section if you have any further questions regarding the grant application process.

To submit an application Click Here.

Grant Cycle Deadlines

Letter of Intent Deadline: November 15th, or previous weekday if on the weekend.

WFACF Grant Application Deadline: December 15th, or previous weekday if on the weekend.

Grant Awards Distributed: April

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