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Higher education is the key that can unlock a mind and offer opportunities for a better way of life. Generous donors in the Wichita Falls area recognize this and have established scholarship funds.  If you are interested in helping students achieve their educational goals, please contact us at (940) 766-0829 for all the information needed to get a scholarship fund ready for the upcoming academic year.


For Students


WFACF Scholarship application opens January 1st.  The deadline is March 1st.

 There are numerous scholarships available through the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation scholarship program, each with its own set of criteria and requirements.  We do have some scholarship opportunities that have a different timeline as noted on the individual scholarship opportunity list. 

This is a two part application process. You will need to sign-up and complete the General Application, and based on your current academic status the system will provide you with an additional application to complete for your High School or College information.  The system will match you to scholarships based on your qualifications. Once you have completed and submitted those applications the system might also provide a list of other Recommended Scholarship opportunities for which you might possibly qualify.  We encourage you to review those opportunities and complete the individual Apply-To applications if you meet the requirement qualifications. All information will be kept confidential within our scholarship program.

All required items must be completed and applications submitted in order to be considered for scholarship awards. You may save your application and return to update as often as necessary until the deadline.  Once your application is submitted, you may view your application, however you will no longer be able to make updates to the application.

Please Note: Internet Explorer is not fully compatible with this software. In order to better utilize the system choose a different browser such as Chrome, or Firefox, etc.  If you do not have access to a computer to complete the application please see your high school career counselor for assistance, or contact our office.

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Questions?  Contact us at or 940.766.0829 for assistance.


 WFACF Scholarship Application