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To Our Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life in the Wichita Falls area through the promotion and support of charitable giving.

2024 Board of Directors:

Leo Lane, Chairman
Wynn Heyen, Vice Chairman
Mark Fleming, Secretary-Treasurer
Josh Andrajack
Glenn Barham
Carla Bolin
Danny Cremeens
Tony Fidelie
Allyson Flack
Jeannie Hilbers
Wynn Heyen
Lysle Huddleston
Barbara Merkle
Katie Parkey
Eric Robb
Michael Stanford

Directors Emeriti:

Phil Bolin*
Ray Clymer*
John Hirschi
Berneice Leath
Robert Priddy*
Louis J. Rodriguez*
Joseph Sherrill, Jr.*
Gary Shores
Pat Thacker
David Wolverton
Kay Yeager


Leslie Schaffner, President (
Julie Looper, Program Manager (
Leslie Petersen, Office Manager (
Becky Schroeder, Finance Coordinator (
Lori Knight, Program Clerk (
Lauren Benton, Program Coordinator (




In March of 1999 several visionary civic leaders in Wichita Falls created an instrument to provide a means for preserving the area’s future. In the years since, many agencies and individuals have made a difference by using this instrument, the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation.

The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation is a not-for-profit philanthropic institution organized and operated primarily as a collection of charitable funds that will have long term benefit for the Wichita Falls area. These funds are used wisely and efficiently to respond to area needs and to sustain existing organizations and institutions through grants in many areas, including arts, culture, education, environment, historic preservation, health, and human services.

The quality of life for the Wichita Falls area will forever be enhanced by the philanthropic legacy that is being built at the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation.


2021 Annual Report 

2022 Annual Report


What is a Community Foundation?

We are a charitable bank and trust. Folks set up charitable checking accounts (non-endowed); and charitable savings accounts (endowed). Folks also leave charitable bequests in their wills to their named funds and/or establish a fund for their beloved charity.

The Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation, Dell Foundation – all set up with one family’s charitable dollars. At a community foundation, families/groups initiate funds and all the different funds comprise the community foundation.

We have the ultimate goal of having a large charitable endowment for the community with three basic/fundamental functions:

Gifts — tellers who take gifts, input in system, give receipts

Grants — “loan” officers who check out the validity of the request, conduct due diligence to make sure the money is going to the right place/charitable cause

Development — get new business (charitable funds, planned gifts) and participate in a socially responsible manner in the business/charitable community (includes consensus bldg/community initiatives)

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